TigerII HTML Tools Free Download

Version: 1.0.2   (version history)
Date: March 13, 2002

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OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Rating: Rating: 2.0/5
Popularity: Popularity 0/10
Author: VEGA

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TigerII HTML Tools Description

TigerII HTML Tools Free Download.

TigerII Tools is a HTML toolbox. You will find here advanced wizards that will help to create several parts of your website eg. complex tables and forms, galleries. You will also find these tools usefull while creating image maps and cutting images into parts. In addition TigerII MiniPad HTML Editor is added to package.

Vizual Table&Form Wizard (the way it works is similar to MS Word), allows:
* Rows and columns spaning,
* Inserting and removing of rows,
* Inserting and removing of column,
* Ability to save table in internal file format for future reedition,

Visual Map Wizard (Image Mapper), allows:
* Creating shapes: rectangle, circle, polyline,
* Areas cloning,
* Adding and removing handles of defined areas,
* Locking areas to prevent accitendal moving and resizing,
* Assignment of JavaScript events to defined area,

Image cuter, allows:
* Unlimited spliting lines quantity,
* Accpets BMP, JPEG, GIF,
* Saves BMP, JPEG,
* Saves HTML Table on demand,

Gallery Wizard
* Automatic generating thumbnails of images,
* Adding navigation mechamizm to gallery,
* Scaling of images,

Color picker
*Color edition in RGB and CMYK modes,
*Captures colors directly from the screen,
*Imports and exports palettes from and to Paint Shop Pro,
*Exports color schemes to HTML document and Style definition (CSS),
*Copies edited color to the clipboard in selected format (HTML, JAVA, VC, DELPHI etc.),
*Recognizes pasted color format,

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