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Version: 2.6   (version history)
Date: August 22, 2003

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OS: Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Rating: Not rated
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Author: PowerSurge Publishing

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TDF Czar Description

TDF Czar Free Download.

Performs all sorts of useful functions with tab-delimited data. To startwith, the program can acquire a data source from any spreadsheet or databasetable, once the data has been saved or exported into tab-delimited format.

For greater flexibility, the program can also use a file directory as a datasource, or an existing HTML file containing bookmarks, or any data formattedwithin an HTML table. Multiple files with overlapping or identical columnscan be merged together into a single data source.

Once the data has been acquired, it can be sorted and filtered on any numberof columns. Once a sort key has been specified, records with duplicate keyscan be combined intelligently, preserving as much data as desired.

At this point, the data can be output as another tab-delimited data file, orcan be merged into a special template file. Templates can contain any textdata, such as HTML or XML.

By using an HTML template file, Web pages can beeasily created that are fully populated with your data. All rows of data canbe merged into a single Web page, or you can create multiple pagescontaining detail data and an index page that allows access to the details.

All of the above operations can be recorded into a script so that when yourinput data changes the output can be easily kept up-to-date.

TDF Czar keywords: tab-delimited file, utility, html, web, merge, tdf

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