PaintChips Hex Color Picker

Version: 1.0   (version history)
Size: 265KB
Date: March 07, 2006
License: Free
OS: Win 98/2000/XP

Publisher's Description

PaintChips is a free color picking tool which allows you to mix and match colors without being confined to forms or small palette boxes. PaintChips allows you to mix and match colors visually by dragging and dropping them next to each other. Picking colors is not enough... neither is mixing them. You need to be able to put them side by side and overlap them in order to understand their true relationship with each other. This program was inspired by my need for such a tool.

- Huge selection of predefined colors both web-safe, generic and pastel colors.
- Colors can be dragged all over the screen, positioned side by side and overlapped to see how they work together.
- Work with as many colors as you can fit on your screen. You are not limited to a palette box or static area.
- Add your own custom colors & background colors.
- Convert hex color codes to rgb values.
- Ability to truly see the difference in tone between different colors in the same group. For example, let's say you want to find just the right 'blue' and you have 20 to choose from which are very close in color. By being able to stack them against each other, you can better determine which one will work best.
- No install. Just download and run it!
- Best viewed on 1024 x 768 resolution.
- Freeware!

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This program is no longer available for download from our website. Please contact the author of PaintChips Hex Color Picker at for any additional information.