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Date: September 29, 2007

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Keyword Studio Description

Keyword Studio Free Download.

Find out which keywords serve your business

With Keyword Studio, ppc advertisers and adsense publishers can automatically get from the search engines those keywords that are genuinely relevant to their business.

Your seo and sem will be driving more qualified traffic to your website while bringing your acquisition costs down.

Our exclusive Keyword Relevancy Index is based on the analysis of your website's urls to automatically build keywords listings that:

-accurately describe your activity,

-take into account the search volumes for each keyword,

-include competitive intelligence,

-consider your organic rankings.

Benchmark your competitors Learning which keywords your competitors are bidding on provides you with an invaluable competitive advantage.

However, the process of finding out those keywords manually is time-consuming, and you are likely to miss cost-effective niche keywords too. Automatize the benchmarking of your competitors. Target a specific advertiser, or let Keyword Studio browse the web for you to get a comprehensive outlook of the market.

Know the ranking of your competitors and which keywords they target with our exclusive Advertiser Index.

Write effective ads Finding the right keywords for your website is not enough.

When managing your pay-per-click campaigns, ads with a high click-through-rate improve your rankings and decrease your cost-per-click.

Keyword Studio provides you with a comprehensive view of the ads used by your competitors, including how they rank and to which keywords they are applied to.

Identify in a glimpse which are the most effective ads, and leverage on your competitors' work too.

Automatically generate adgroups

The efficient categorization of your keywords on Google translates into a simpler and more cost-efficient management of your pay-per-click campaigns, - especially on Google where adgroups performances have a direct impact on your cost-per-click. Use our exclusive Categorization Builder to create your keywords.

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