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Version: 2.05   (version history)
Date: June 15, 2007

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DF Google PR and Alexa Traffic Rank Checker Description

DF Google PR and Alexa Traffic Rank Checker Free Download.

This utility shows the Google PageRank and Alexa Traffic Rank for a site without using toolbars. This checker is meant for quick determining of the PR and Alexa for a large number of sites.

There is a server / console (CGI / exe) and desktop (WinGUI) version of checker.

Multithreaded check for multiple URLs. The high-performance and reliable system. PR and Alexa determining module is written in C++. Minimal system requirements (DOES NOT use MySQL, Php, Perl etc).

Detecting PageRank using information from multiple data-centers: determining max, min and average PageRank or displaying all PageRank values for the specified data-centers.

Improved PageRank determining mode (predicted value). Detecting PageRank for sites which don't have any PageRank in Google Toolbar while other checkers return zero PageRank.

Proxies can be used while detecting PageRank and / or Alexa to avoid IP ban.

Determining PageRank for domain or for page.

URLs can be sorted according to their PageRank or Alexa values.

Export a URLs to different files, each containing sites with the same PageRank value.

Removal from the list of repeating URLs.

Increased Google PageRank determining reliability through using multiple servers.

Maximum server timeouts when connecting to Google and Alexa servers can be set up.

Interface for using checker as a module for other scripts (API).

Console / server version of checker can be used as a web service. For using it as a web service, Perl script containing settings and interface design is available.

Also it can work as a console application on a server or a home PC: data obtained from a file or command line, output into a file.

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