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Date: May 30, 2009

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Text to HTML Converter-Markdown Description

Text to HTML Converter-Markdown Free Download.

Text to HTML Converter-Markdown converts the plain text to HTML for publishing on the web.

The Markdown lightweight markup language syntax allows you to write text naturally and format it without using HTML tags. In Markdown lightweight markup language format, your text stays enjoyable to read for a human being, and this is true enough that it makes a Markdown document publishable as-is, as plain text.

Text to HTML Converter-Markdown has a powerful text analysis engine, that allows it to recognize the structure of your document and faithfully reproduce it in HTML format.

The software recognizes headings, bulleted lists, emphasis, code samples and ASCII art in the original document.

Text to HTML Converter-Markdown Powerful features:
*One click to quickly convert many text files into HTML format.
*Automatically generating a table-of-contents from a text file
*Convert source files that have been modified in the specified time range
*Mastering Macros that are expanded on conversion time
*Obscure your E-Mail address from address-harvesting spambots
*Wildcard to include source files
*Editable template
*small executable size

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