Light - Image Folio v.2 Free Download

Version: 1.0   (version history)
Date: May 04, 2008

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OS: Win 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/CE
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Author: FlashComponents

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Light - Image Folio v.2 Description

Light - Image Folio v.2 Free Download.

The new Image Folio has support for an unlimited numbers of images. Images can have different sizes and you can chose between 4 ways of resizing / fitting the image inside the rectangular shape.

It is xml driven, the xml file allows you to add a title and a data field for each image.

Image formats supported are: png, jpg, gif.

Easily add any script you want for handling click actions on the images, with the possibility of identifying the images by their "data" attribute which was previously set in the xml file.

The rectangular shape that you see on the stage it is the place holder for the image folio and at runtime it will act as a mask and it will also define the area in which the images will be center aligned. Resize this shape and also tweak the "w" and "h" variables inside file to obtain the desired result.

Also settable in the file are: the border width, corner radius, label distance from the bottom edge of the image and also the shadow distance from the same edge.

The 4 scale modes are (similar as the ones used for the Stage.scaleMode property): showAll, exactFit, noBorder, noScale. In each situation the image will be center aligned. You can set the scaleMode inside the file. By default it is set to showAll. You should also check out the variables inside file.

Each one of them has a comment. Tweaking these variables can help you achieve different results. Customizing the appearance of the Folio is easy. You have to edit the Library symbols which are grouped in suggestively named folders.

Enjoy this new release by OXYLUS.

Package includes: FLA Opens with: Flash 8, Flash CS3 AS Version: ActionScript 2.0 Viewable with: Flash Player 8 and above

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