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Version: 1.0   (version history)
Date: May 06, 2008

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OS: Win 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/CE
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Author: FlashComponents

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3D Wall Description

3D Wall Free Download.

Displays images on an engaging interactive 3D wall using the Papervision3D engine. The wall can be flat or set at any curvature to create a truly unique look.

The viewer can also scroll, tilt and zoom the wall freely. Includes a built-in preloader for seamless transitions between thumbs and large images. Over 60 parameters to customize your wall ensures unlimited number of looks and an enticing viewer experience.

Available for ActionScript 3.0 (Flash CS3) only.

Key Features Flat or curved wall Displays flat or curved walls at any angle between -360 (convex) and +360 (concave).

Double sided thumbnails Option to set thumbnails to be double sided and have mirrored backs, which are visible on curved walls.

Interactive wall tilting Option to tilt the wall up or down by clicking and dragging the mouse or using custom buttons.

Adjustable number of rows and spacing Custom number of rows and gap between thumbnails. Number of columns is calculated automatically.

Customizable animation settings Option for opening thumbnails to appear from behind the camera or behind the wall with adjustable speed and easing styles.

The large image zoom in / zoom out speed and easing styles are also adjustable.

Mouse and keyboard interactivity Click and drag mouse for scrolling and tilting. Scrollwheel zooms in and out of the wall or flips through large images. Arrow keys flip through large images.

Space bar zooms in and out of large images.

Swivel camera Controls the amount that the camera swivels while the wall is zooming and scrolling.

External XML file Loads images through an external XML file so there's no need to republish the SWF.

Glow & reflection Adjustable intensity and color of the glow around the selected image as well as the image reflection size and opacity.

XML or Component Inspector All parameters are available in the external XML file or Component Inspector.

Depth of field Thumbnails viewed from the back of a curved wall can be displayed with an adjustable amount

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