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Version: 1.0   (version history)
Date: July 01, 2008

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OS: Win 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/CE
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Author: FlashComponents

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PowerFull XML Template Description

PowerFull XML Template Free Download.

This template doesn`t require Flash (AT ALL) *** The template comes with 9 modules, plus the main module (module = predefined movie) *** Add/ Remove modules (main pages / buttons) via XML

*** Manage content of modules via XML *** Reuse teh same module for as many times as needed (the template can have 5 Image Galleries for example, each one with different content, this by editing a simple XML file)

MAIN MODULE (contains the main buttons) * add / remove / modify modules by editing an XML file. (unlimited number)

In order to add a new page, you simply have to edit an XML file, like this: first you give the new button a name (for example News), than you will specify wich module (movie) you want to load, and then you specify what XML is going to load inside that module.

Practicly you have 9 empty pages that you reuse for as many times as you want, and populate them with information from XML files. News //the button name

modNS.swf //the module (movie) you want to load news / modNS.xml //the XML that contains the information Simple isnt't it?

SPECIAL FEATURE: the first module from the XML menu automatically loads first when you enter the site (with the afferent information from its specific XML of course).

In this case, the movie Home loads first.

TEXT - all text is XML driven (also the contact form error messages) - add unlimited amount of text, as the scrollers calculate the height of the dynamic text, and only scrolls that specific height

- HTML formatted text: supports hyperlinks, images, swf files.- CSS driven text: add / remove / modify all text colors by editing a simple CSS file, then give the colors you want to your text through XML.- optionally add extra pixels for scrolling, via XML - if the text height is smaller or equal to the black background, the scrolling items (up / down buttons, dragger and scroll bar) will be invisible

MENUS (the menus inside the modules, except for Home, About us and Contac

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