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Date: July 07, 2009

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XpoLog Center for Security Description

XpoLog Center for Security Free Download.

XpoLog Log Management and Analysis Platform Quickly Isolate Applications and IT problems. Reduce operations cost, Prevent Business Loss, Correlate, Search and Report Any Type of Log.

XpoLog makes it possible to run an ongoing compliance solution by using an integrated solution organization-wide, automate and manage collection, analysis, alerting and reporting on different data sources.

XpoLog's primary features are Log Viewer, Search Engine, Log Monitoring -On Any Log in Any Format, Anywhere.

Automatic Problems Detection - Scan Logs Content, Auto Understand Problems.

Report Engine, Complex Rules Analysis - Statistics, Aggregation and complex Rules.

Log Collection, Log Server and Archive - Agent Less, Syslog, FTP, files system and more Compliance Suites - Accelerate Compliance Report Generation XpoLog helps Customers

Application teams to fix problems faster - Quickly navigate and search applications logs Operation teams to monitor and track end user problems - Auto collects and analyzes end user logs and systems errors.

Security Teams to investigate logs, track users and more - Search IP, User ID and other forensics data XpoLog helps because it Accelerate Problem Isolation and Resolution

Optimize troubleshooting process Increases Applications Quality Quickly generate Compliance reports

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