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Date: March 06, 2000

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Spelling Games Description

Spelling Games Free Download.

Spelling Games includes 8 fun spelling games for children ages 5 to 11.

You can use your own word lists that you input or any of the built-in lists of 1400 words (grade levels K-6). Word lists (up to 30 words each) can be printed and saved for future use. It includes a List Editor for easy entry and modification of words and a file manager to keep track of saved lists.

In Spelling Bee, words are spoken and the child spells it. In Magic Hat, the word to be spelled is flashed to you and then you spell the word. In Scrambled Word, the letters in the word are mixed up and you unscramble them. In Word Worm, the letters of the word are scattered about and you steer your worm around to pick them up in proper order without running into your tail. Alien Return is a Hangman-type game in which you guess the letters in the word to be spelled. Word Order asks you to order (alphabetize) words from your list. Find a Word lets you build, save, print, and solve word search puzzles using built-in or input word lists. And, Cross Words lets you build, print and solve simple crossword puzzles.

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