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Date: January 26, 2002

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Kids Special Free Download.

Save almost $15 and get two great kids' products with this special offer.

Picture Me Dinosaur and 3D Space Station Adventure are two terrific new kids fun and learning products. They normally sell for $24.95 each (including shipping), but through this special limited-time offer, get both for just one price of $29.95 plus shipping. Save money and get your kids or grandkids the best in today's children's software.

3D Space Station Adventure is a multimedia activity center for children between the ages of 4 and 12. The software is designed to be an entertaining, creative and non-violent way of introducing the wonders of space to children as well as having fun.

3D Space Station Adventure offers many exciting activities and games that are meant to both entertain and inform about space exploration. The user is provided with a number of missions and tasks to perform that when completed allow a personalized certificate to be printed so that children can be rewarded for their accomplishments.

The activities include an opportunity for users to interact and equip a space station similar to the International Space Station that is currently under construction. It also offers additional scenarios such as the design and construction of space going vessels and a lunar base setting. All scenes can be printed out in full color or in ?coloring-book mode? which prints only the outlines of the images. This allows for an endless supply of custom-made coloring books in which users actually build their own images. Players also get the chance to navigate their spaceship through asteroid fields and to rescue astronauts from the moon's surface!

Kids ages 5-12 will adore this new fun and games software that is three programs in one. Kids will love creating, coloring and manipulating images as they put their imaginations to work. Based on a dinosaur theme, Picture Me Dinosaur is far more than a simple coloring book -- it actually includes a sophisticated yet kid-friendly graphics program disguised in an easy-to-use and fun interface that kids find intuitive. Picture Me Dinosaur even includes support for most popular printers, including color inkjets, so that budding artists can print their creations.

In addition to creating, coloring and animating imaginative pictures, kids can also play games that challenge their thinking and improve fine motor coordination. Yet the whole time the kids simply think that they're having fun! And when they don't want to play games, kids have the opportunity to explore to learn even more.

Because for 15 years MVP has brought users the best in computer games, 3D Space Station Adventure and Picture Me Dinosaur certainly don't leave out the fun. Kids can play games based on space and dinosaur themes while they learn. Parents will love the fact that their children are learning, while the kids will just love to play.

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