Adlerauge Eagle-Eye Oeil d'aigle Free Download

Version: 2000   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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Adlerauge Eagle-Eye Oeil d'aigle Description

Adlerauge Eagle-Eye Oeil d'aigle Free Download.

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Information for parents and teachers

What part of the school curriculum is covered by this CD-ROM?

None of the 30 games is directly related to the school curriculum. The training of visual perception is essential for all subjects where reading, spelling and other visual skills are required.

What is actually tested and trained in these games?

Fast and correct recognition and discrimination of letters, symbols and shapes are basic skills for reading and spelling. Stimuli are presented in visual form. Letters, numbers, combinations of letters and numbers, sequences or patterns of graphical elements and drawings of high similarity are used as materials.

Is shape recognition such a difficult task?

Not really, but one of the causes for learni

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