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Date: August 17, 2008

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SSS Kidword Description

SSS Kidword Free Download.

Gift your child with SSS Kidword - A set of Eductional games from ABC to GK.

Learning along playing is the concept of this program. ABC set comes with alphabets, colors, shapes, numbers, Levels from 1 to 9 covers different word games.

A very high standard memory games are included with 2 to 9 pair matching with 48 cards and with sounds for audio memory. IQ-game for improving intelligence and Vision game to increase vision memory. Brain power games comes in 3 sets with specific purpose to activate brain cells.

Strategy game is a Naval strategy game to teach strategy and logic. GK game is a quiz game. A simple Book with 100 questions is provided to you.

And you have to make your own Books (Knowlege books - KBooks) - True or False questions, Ascending/ descending order questions, multipule choice questions, and Do You Know pages. This can be used even in schools and colleges for both teaching and examination purpose. Stimulate your mind with familiar words too with word games. Elders will surely enjoy this game .

There are no cluttered scenes on the screen hence you can concentrate better while playing all the games. Playing 6th level in the game really gives you joy if you try and succeed without getting - Wrong Try Again - message.

You can also access Help session with F1 key in this game, F5 key for Auto function, Ctrl + P for scores display. Audio is provided in ABC alphabet set.

You can evaluate this game maximum for 30 days and after that you will be required to purchase a license code and register it. This fun and educative game is meant for all age groups.

Leave behind the monotonous ways of teaching and get this innovative key for teaching with SSS Kidword.

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