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MB Emotional Quotient Test Description

MB Emotional Quotient Test Free Download.

Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Quotient (EQ) is a term used to measure how much you understand your inner self and the tasks you can perform satisfactorily without getting stressed or depressed.

MB Emotional Quotient Test attempts to give you a clearer picture about yourself so that you can work on the areas that are weak for you to lead a better life.

Different levels of EQ signify different traits in our personality: Low EQ: Your intelligence may be very high but your frank attitude may create more enemies than friends. You just dont know how to deal with people or issues and have a very short fuse. You let your feelings control you instead of it being the other way around. It is never too late.

You can start today and have a better life. Average EQ: You may be getting into fights with your family friends and colleagues. You may feel insecure about your surroundings, family and job.

You can start today and improve your emotional quotient. Try to be stress-free and happy. Avoid all kinds of negative thoughts. Learn to express yourself so that others can understand your problem and help you out.

Above Average EQ: You understand peoples emotions very well and care about it. But this doesnt mean you forget your own needs and start listening to everyone. Learn to enjoy the mundane tasks. Try to bring joy in all the small things in life.

Otherwise you will lose the purpose of living this life. Keep our ideas about happiness, satisfaction and achievement very clear. High EQ: Your performance level is very high.

But dont let your work carry you away from understanding the true meaning of life. If you ignore this now, you will become immune to the small joys. Have a right balance of both to have a better quality of life. Outstanding EQ: You are in touch with your inner self.

You understand what is needed in life to have the right balance. You have a very positive outlook and are very expressive. You are very confident and sure of yourself.

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