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Version: 4.0   (version history)
Date: March 10, 1999

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OS: Windows
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Author: Arro & Wartoft AB

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Selingua Description

Selingua Free Download.

Selingua helps you build your French, English (both American and British), Swedish, German and Spanish vocabulary.

To begin simply select the language that you speak and then select the language that you want to study. There are six different exercises for practicing vocabulary and verb inflections, including Single Word, 1+4 Words, 10+10 Words, Tempo, Crosswords, and Irregular Verbs.

In 'Single Word' a word in your native language is displayed and you must enter the translation. You're given one letter as a clue. When you enter a letter, all occurrences of that letter are filled in. If you get stuck, double-click on a square and the correct letter is filled in.

In '1+4 Words' a foreign word is displayed and you must select the correct answer from four possible translations.

In '10+10 Words' ten foreign words are displayed on the left and 10 translations on the right and you must pair them correctly.

In 'Tempo' a word is shown at the top of the screen, and you must quickly find its translation among the 25 words below it. The word at the top is displayed for only a limited time, so you'll have to be quick (the list of 25 words does not change). Your score is based on your time and the number of correct/incorrect responses.

In 'Crossword' you can create crossword puzzles from 3x3 up to 25x25 in size. The clues are in your native language and you must enter the foreign translations.

In 'Irregular Verbs' you practice inflecting verbs by entering the different forms of the foreign word shown.

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