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Date: January 01, 2002


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Vocatude Description

Vocatude Free Download.

Are you learning a foreign language and do you need an efficient way to learn new vocabulary? Then Vocatude may be something for you. People often memorise vocabulary lists by going through the words over and over again, always in the same order and including the words they already know well.

With a computer you can learn vocabulary faster. Vocatude lets you build a word list, select some words for a test and then you can start. The words will pass in random order and you will see difficult words more often than easy words. You can compare a test with a pile of cards. Each time you take a card and you try to translate the word on it. Then you look on the back to check your answer.

Vocatude has many extra options. You can choose from open questions and multiple choice questions and for each word you can choose a direction: do you want to test it from the foreign language to your own language, the other way round or both. You can also choose how intensively you want to practise a word and when you've finished practising, you can take an exam.

When you build a word list, you can add different kinds of useful information to each word: a context, the part of speech, a lesson number and the pronunciation. You can also use this information in a test. For example you may like to practise nouns only, or you want to take a listening test. In multiple choice tests Vocatude uses the part of speech and lesson to select answers that fit together.

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