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Date: January 26, 2002

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Rainbow Home Free Download.

RAINBOW HOME offers a straightforward and effortless way of producing your own computer exercises for learning foreign languages at home. You can benefit from the vast variety of exercise types produced using material from your school textbooks for example.

No teacher is needed. In the Autocompose mode all you have to do is enter (or paste) a text and in an instant you have produced ten challenging exercises that develop reading skills, train vocabulary and practise grammar and structure. Active language learning is also encouraged by the Game option, where friends and members of the family can compete for points while working on an exercise.

The Compose mode is a useful extra for parents who perhaps know a foreign language and are interested in helping their children learn it more effectively. You can decide which words or phrases or practiced and what answers are acceptable. No special teaching skills are needed: you just select the parts of text to be filled in and the program takes care of the rest.

RAINBOW HOME can be used to practice any language using the Roman alphabet. The program comes ready loaded with a library of English, German and French texts and and samples in Italian, Spanish and Swedish. The demo version allows you to write and try out just one text at a time.

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