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Date: January 26, 2002

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Rainbow School on CDs Description

Rainbow School on CDs Free Download.

RAINBOW SCHOOL offers a straightforward and effortless way of producing computer and hard-copy exercises for foreign language learning. Teachers and learners alike can benefit from the vast variety of exercise types produced in either Autocompose or Compose mode. In Autocompose mode, you only have to enter (or paste) a text and in an instant you have produced ten challenging exercises that develop reading skills, train vocabulary and practise grammar and structure. As a teacher, you can decide which of the various types of multiple-choice, fill-in, cloze and rearranging exercises are available to students, and whether they can use the Game option. You can even write an Introduction to the exercise and produce a Glossary of translations or explanations. In Compose mode you have more control over the final form of the exercise because you decide which words or phrases are practiced, what answers are acceptable and what kind of help is available to students.

The student part of the program can be distributed freely for home use. The students can copy the exercises onto their own diskettes or download them from the school's website.

Even if your students don’t always have access to a computer, as a teacher you can still benefit from RAINBOW SCHOOL’s versatile printing options and produce professional-quality self-access materials: task sheets, answer sheets, vocabulary lists, all of which can be archived for later use.

Working with the program is straightforward as it uses simple and self-explanatory on-screen instructions. English is the default language, but German, French and Swedish versions are also available. It is also possible to translate the menus and other instructions into any language using the Roman alphabet. This is worth doing if the student is unfamiliar with English or if you want to use target-language screen instructions.

RAINBOW SCHOOL comes ready loaded with a library of English, German and French texts and and samples in Italian, Spanish and Swedish.

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