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Version: 4.25   (version history)
Date: November 18, 2007

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OS: Win 2000/XP
Rating: Rating: 4.0/5
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Author: BitDay Studio

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VOA Special English Assistant Description

VOA Special English Assistant Free Download.

Why Need VOA Special English Assistant?

It Is Packed with Features...* Collect and organize hundreds of programs in one place.* Keep the program list up to date by online update.* Download both transcripts and MP3 audios by one click.* Perform audio analysis, parse sentences automatically.* Auto replay each sentences and define replay times.* Add intervals after each sentences and define interval length.* Change playing speed without changing pitch.* Make comments or translations on the editable transcripts.* Transfer audio to MP3 players at specified speed.* Support ID3v2 tag.

Embed lyrics into audio or create lyrics file.* Search for desired programs and bookmark favorites.* Support Http / Ftp proxy and intelligent download.* Has neat and Easy-to-use interfaces with MS Office style.* Upgrade to future versions without paying extra charges.* Download over one thousand programs with one license.

But What Does All This Mean to You? * You don't need take a lot of time going VOA web site to look for programs, copy transcripts, download MP3 audios and arrange all of them at right place.

Just simple click, drag-and-drop, and you're done!* You can let built-in player auto replay each sentences when playing MP3 audios, so that you have chances to catch every words before the next sentence start. Define replay times by yourself.* You can also let built-in player add intervals after each sentences, so that you have enough time doing anything that helps understanding.

Define interval length by yourself too.* You can change audio playing speed without changing pitch, so that you may listen to the programs from slow to fast until you understand.* Besides reading, you can make comments or translations even take dictation directly on the transcripts. They are editable!* You can simply drag-and-drop to copy MP3 audios to your MP3 player.

This means you may listen to the programs anywhere, such as on bus, car or bicycle.* You can compose your lyrics by breaking text in transcript into sentences.

So you may transfer audio along with lyrics to your Mp3 player that supports lyrics display.* You can use the software even inside the Intranets, download multiple programs at a time and resume aborted downloads at the break point.* You don't need have much more experience or special knowledge. The user-friendly interface makes you get started easily and quickly.

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