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Date: June 20, 2006

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Learn Spanish Verb Meanings Description

Learn Spanish Verb Meanings Free Download.

Learn Spanish Verb Meanings 2.0

Practise, learn and remember Spanish using our fun and effective learning software. Our applications are designed to encourage regular use, helping you implement a consistent learning program.

Our software is more fun than doing exercises and helps encourage speedy learning of verb meanings.

Intelligent gameplay selects words based on your performance and provides an end-of-game review to encourage you to reflect on your learning.

With over 2000 graded verbs, you will soon be on the way to mastering this essential part of the Spanish language.


Many game options: English to Spanish or vice versa, multiple choice or the type in (for spelling), verb levels from 1 (easy) to 10 (hard), whether to include learned verbs

Verbs answered incorrectly will be asked again quickly to help with your learning!

Each game can be reviewed on a question by question basis. Reflecting on correct and incorrect answers is an excellent learning method.

See all the games you've played using the history feature. Seeing your progress encourages you to keep playing - and learning!

Review all the verbs that have been learned (answered 5 times correctly in a row).
You can "unlearn" a verb and so that it is put back in the list of questions that can be asked.

Full support for multiple students. Each student's individual learning progress is saved automatically.

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