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Date: March 06, 2016

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NJStar Chinese WP Description
NJStar Chinese WP awarded Softpile Editor's Choice

NJStar Chinese WP Free Download.

NJStar Chinese WP Version 6 is a major new release with all modules based on Unicode to support for 70, 000+ different Chinese characters. Support the latest Windows 8 / 8/8.1

Main Features:
*Animate and practice Stroke order, insert/print Stroke order sequences.
*Built-in 100,000-entry Chinese English dictionary for easy lookup.
*Popup dictionary with annotations for main window text and inputbar input candidates.
*Use Hanzi of the day as flashcards to review HSK vocabularies at different levels.
*Convert Hanzi to Mandarin Pinyin with tone, Cantonese Jyutping or other Romanizations.
*Input pinyin with tone directly using Tone Pinyin method.
*List and count the unique Hanzi used in the document and sort the list in Pinyin order.
*Compare two documents to highlight the difference in colors, useful for marking student's work.
*Read from and Save to Microsoft RTF and DOCX Office file formats.
*Convert between Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Support both in same document.
*Insert pictures of all formats (JPG,GIF,PNG,BMP,TIF,EMF,WMF).
*Sort Chinese text based on Pinyin, Radical or number of Strokes.
*NJStar comes with 32 built-in Chinese Input Methods to suit all needs.
*Mandarin based: Pinyin, Online Pinyin, Double Pinyin, Zhuyin, Yale, Wade-Giles and Romatzyh.
*support HKSCS-2008 in Jyutping, Guangdong pinyin, Yale/CTLau/FFLee Cantonese.
*New Format Painter, Color Marker, Stylesheet, Inline, in frame and background picture.
*Ability to adjust spacing between characters, lines and paragraphs.
*Spelling check with English, French, German, Italian, and other languages.
*Backward compatible with NJStar WP version 4 and 5 file formats.
*Additional fonts for Pro and Ultimate editions, up to 52 NJStar OpenType Chinese fonts.
*Tab based multi-theme, multi-document, Customizable user interface.
*Multilingual User Interface with English, French, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.
*Built-in automatic update checker.

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