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Date: June 05, 2015

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Effective English for Kids Description

Effective English for Kids Free Download.

The English games try to get the children or basic learners to create a link between the pictures, sound and text.

The games cover: flashcards, memory, spelling, listening, pictures and words as well as scrambled words. Teaching words is easier when they know the connection to pictures. Sound is the easiest way at first. Spelling is much tougher, especially when words have unknown structures or silent letters.

Sound can help the beginners at first more so.

The Home Screen - Choose a subject The style of the main screen is to show a collection of many subjects as locations in a town. Clicking on one of them takes you to the next screen.

Games Screen - Choose a game Here you have six games to test and improve your basic English. The games cover: flashcards, memory, spelling, listening, pictures and words as well as scrambled words.

Hidden Words Game:When learning we need to use different ways to keep it all. Spelling can be the hardest, so here it is easy to try to get the right words.

You can take many guesses to get the letter but be careful, you have only 10 chances.

Memory Game:Learning can be hard and boring. A good experience can help the learning process. This is a simple game to test your memory skills. You have to choose 2 correct pictures in a row.

There are 6 in total. Be careful as the more clicks means you loose points.

Choose a Word Game:Sometimes we see many words but are unsure of what the word links to. be able to take a chance and link words to pictures. This is an easy game to play, Just choose a word.

Mixed Up Words Game:Spelling is a great tool to have. It can help in remembering many words. You will have all letters and spaces to use.

Be careful to spell in the correct order, otherwise you will loose points.

Whiteboard Flash Cards Game:Sometimes we just see a picture and cannot think of the word. This game lets you take a chance of guessing it before seeing the word.

This game allows you to get the answer almos

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