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Date: December 04, 2014

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Author: L-Ceps Ltd.

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L-Lingo Japanese Description

L-Lingo Japanese Free Download.

L-Lingo Japanese is designed for learners without or with little previous knowledge of the Japanese language. ... 105 lessons, comparable to 1-2 years of studying (professional version)...covering traveling & social life, at home, at work, body & mind and nature ...

5 special lessons with a focus on common phrases ... ++++ Benefits and Features: ... thousands of words and sentences ... highly adaptable to your learning style and level ... full native speaker pronunciation ... learn listening to Japanese ... learn speaking Japanese ... learn reading Japanese ... learn writing Japanese ... print out your own learning cards and text-book ++++ Focus of the Program: ... all important aspects of language learning ...listening, reading, writing and speaking ... audio-visual feature of the program supports learning Japanese to a great extend ... every Japanese word and sentence of the program is visualized ... clear and easy to understand design of the program ... your focus is on learning the Japanese language quickly. ++++ Content of the Software Package: ... downloadable multimedia software ... pdf vocabulary cards in the target language with translations on the backside (professional version) ... pdf text book

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