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Date: November 24, 2008


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Pimsleur Free Download.

The Pimsleur Comprehensive Course is Absolutely the Best Language Learning Product on the Market if You Want to Speak and Understand a New Language.

The above statement may seem egotistical but it is true.

You can read all of the reviews on this product and you will find them saying the following: "I think Pimsleur Comprehensive is the best language learning product available." If you want to learn to speak a language instead of learning about a language then you will want a Pimsleur Course.

In a Pimsleur Course you spend your time learning to speak the language with a native speaker. It is much like you teach an infant to speak his native tongue. In the same way the infant learns word, verb and sentence structure, you will learn the language you choose to speak.

You will not learn to spell the word, unless you go to the work of looking it up somewhere. You are not tied to book learning and long reading assignments or learning long lists of vocabulary. There are no texts, etc. You just talk back and forth and that is the way you learn.

You can start conversing after the first lesson saying some basic phrases. This is very motivating and you get the feeling that you can really do this language thing. You think that it really is not so hard to do.

If you want to learn to read and write a new language then Pimsleur is not for you. There is a small pamphlet with a few words but that is about it.

You can get yourself some books on vocabulary, verbs and things like that but they do no come with the course.

The list price on a Comprehensive CD Course is $345.00 US. There are a lot of courses that cost less money but none of these courses are as effective in learning to speak the language as Pimsleur.

If your time is worth anything I would start with Pimsleur instead of finally ending there.

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