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Date: May 16, 2009

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Teach Sens Pro Description

Teach Sens Pro Free Download.

Subconscious perception of the text, graphic and sound information at level of a visual recognition in physiologically safe mode of the prolonged action.

Concentration of attention on of the text information without necessity of it to read or memorize. Support of all standard formats of the text, graphic or sound information. Original sound and visual effects of perception for training, sessions or psychoanalysis sessions.

Psychoanalysis with use of positive advantages of suggestive hypnosis. Suggestive music, brain waves, binaural effects promote to progressive development of the super-memorize at subconsciousness level.

Support of specific symbols of national features of the language environment. Development of skills of auding with professional announcers. The help and the friendly interface will give present to you - unforgettable minutes of dialogue with the program.

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