Near Death

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Date: September 17, 2004
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Medical technology continues to progress at a staggering pace. Accordingly, countless victims of trauma and disease 'return' from states of 'near death' every year. This process is no longer deemed a miracle, when it occurs, rather it has become commonplace. It is expected.

Though disdained by skeptics as hallucination, the phenomenon known as the 'Near Death Experience', or NDE, is nonetheless a reality for many millions of currently extant human beings. Whatever their true cause or meaning, many of these experiences share common themes.

Many NDE's report a sharp contrast between the Dark and the Light. Often, the Light is associated with feelings of overwhelming peace and joy.

Many NDE's report the presence of a Being of Light. Some report the presence of a Being of Shadow.

Many NDE's indicate that the Light is blindingly brilliant, though its brilliance is painless. Often, a conversation takes place between the 'near dead' and the Being, whether of Light or Shadow.

Often, a choice is central to the experience. Go? Or stay?

Most NDE's describe an alternate reality that exists beyond the threshold of death. Though individual descriptions of this reality vary, most imply that it is a vast, eternal and sentient construct.

While most NDE survivors report calming, reassuring experiences, a few speak of horrific, disturbing ordeals. Regardless of its nature, the Near Death Experience irrevocably alters all that survive it.

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