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Date: January 31, 2007

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Cross of Ramplet Mystery Suspense E-book Description

Cross of Ramplet Mystery Suspense E-book Free Download.

Cross of Ramplet!

In 1307, King Philip IV of France moved against the Knights Templar to confiscate all their financial holdings and treasure.

It is rumored that the Knights also had amassed social and political power that was dangerous to the Church.

Not all the Templars were captured. Some escaped to other parts of Europe.

Legend has it that they took with them the fabulous Cross of Ramplet, made of solid gold and platinum, encrusted with stunning and valuable jewels.

Possibly their greatest treasure, it held the key to the greatest secret in medieval Christendom, a secret that could change the world!

It mysteriously disappeared and was considered lost until...

Follow the adventures of Darla Dinglebottom and her family in the sleepy village of Portsur in period England as they plot and search for the great treasure left by the Knights Templar in this exciting historical mystery suspense e-book. 3 chaps in sample zip file open to PDF.

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