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Version: 2.02   (version history)
Date: February 20, 2009

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Anytexto Description

Anytexto Free Download.

Anytexto is the software designed exclusively for immersive reading.

If you spend a lot of time reading electronic books and tired of scrolling through big and often disordered text, you are going to need help to make reading more comfortable.

Anytexto can do the job for you.

It makes electronic book look like a paper book, but unlike paper book, Anytexto has a fully customizible appearance.

During the text-processing Anytexto uses its own unique algorithms, giving the text legibility and thus reducing eye fatigue.

Users with impaired or limited eyesight will enjoy the fully adjustable text size, which can be magnified or reduced on demand.

And even more - you can listen to the Anytexto, when it reads text aloud with the help of speech synthesis.

Thus, if you love to download and read electronic books, but want to do this in a quite more usual way, then Anytexto is just for you!

With Anytexto you'll get the maximum pleasure of reading.

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