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Version: 1.20   (version history)
Date: May 05, 1997

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OS: Windows
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Author: MFSoft International

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Equation Grapher for Windows Description

Equation Grapher for Windows Free Download.

Equation Grapher for Windows is a tool for plotting and analyzing functions.

Equation Grapher lets you draw graphs like y=2x and y=sin(x+10)-cos(3x). You can plot up to 12 graphs in different colors at the same time. Once you have plotted a function, Equation Grapher automatically finds roots, maximum/minimum, intersections, etc., and can also calculate and view integration area. Angles can be in either degrees or radians. It also features several zoom functions, a background grid, the ability to change the text of the x- and y-axis, file saving, the ability to print graphs directly or copy them to the Clipboard (to paste them into your word processor), and more.

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