Ultra Fractal

Version: 2.04   (version history)
Size: 1.33 MB
Date: May 13, 1999
License: Free To Try
OS: Windows
Author: Frederik Slijkerman

Publisher's Description

Ultra Fractal lets you create images of various Mandelbrot and Julia set fractals.

Ultra Fractal allows you to open any number of fractals at the same time. A fractal consists of one or more layers, which are merged in Photoshop-like fashion. Each layer has its own fractal formula, location, and coloring algorithms. You can write your own fractal formulas, coloring algorithms and transformations, and Ultra Fractal will compile them on-the-fly.

Ultra Fractal can create very large images in 256-color, high-color or true-color. Images can be saved when completed partially and resumed later and you can create a list of images which can be created in batch mode. Images can be saved as PNG, BMP, PCX, PSD (with layers) and TGA format.

Features of Ultra Fractal include: a palette editor, color cycling, a formula compiler, custom fractal formulas, custom coloring algorithms, custom geometric transformations, a built-in gradient editor, smooth scrolling, the ability to import Fractint files, the ability to create huge poster-sized images, batch rendering, and much more.

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This program is no longer available for download from our website. Please contact the author of Ultra Fractal at info@ultrafractal.com for any additional information.