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Version: 4.5   (version history)
Date: April 23, 1999


OS: Windows
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Author: Rodney Carr

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XLStatistics Description

XLStatistics Free Download.

XLStatistics is a collection of Microsoft Excel workbooks for statistical analysis of data.

The package is designed to effectively implement the data analysis algorithm that is pictured in many statistics texts. With XLStatistics, you do not need to know any formulas to carry out statistical analysis of data; just identify the variables in your data, select the appropriate XLStatistics workbook and enter the data. All summaries, graphs and analysis appropriate to the data are automatically carried out.

Also included are popular, but not often used alternatives and extras such as non-parametric tests and tests to determine sample sizes.

XLStatistics is more than just a tool for students and teachers of statistics; it can be used by anyone who needs to do moderately advanced statistical analysis of data and has access to Excel.

This student version contains most of the basic workbooks for 1 and 2 variables.

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