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Version: 2.0   (version history)
Date: February 17, 2003

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GEUP Description

GEUP Free Download.

GEUP is an interactive, powerful and easy to use software for learning and doing Geometry on the computer. It allows to verify geometric properties ina precise way and to discover new properties through the exploration.

With GEUP we can explore mathematics visually and interactively, build mathematicals models of real world or create interactive mathematics presentations easily.

Some of the GEUP features are:
* Capability to apply in Euclidian, analytical, transformational geometry.
* Capability to construct the basics geometric elements: points, lines, circles, polygons (including regular polygons).
* Calculate fast and precise loci (including by lines and circles).
* Enables geometric transformations (symmetry, reflection, translation, dilation, rotation, inversion).
* Capability to define conics (ellipses, hyperbolas and parabolas)
* Verify geometric properties (parallel, perpendicular, member, collinear, equidistant).
* Capability to define, combinem evaluate and plot functions.
* It works with cartesian and polar coordinates.
* Capability to define user construction tools through macros.
* Capability to apply animations to the construction.
* Edit and modify the construction at any time.
* Easy to learn and easy to use.
* The application is fully customizable. It includes multi-language support.

GEUP keywords: geometry, interactive geometry, dynamic geometry, mathematics, math

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