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Version: 1.12   (version history)
Date: November 27, 2001

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OS: Windows
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3D Scientific Calculator Description

3D Scientific Calculator Free Download.

This program offers many features for doing calculations in math, physics, statistics, and engineering. These include the following:

2D & 3D Equation Graphing
Enter in equations like x*sin(y) to see rich graphical rendering. The graphs let you zoom in or zoom out, print, and change grid and background colors. Enter in your own titles for you graphs. The plot allows you to click on the image and rotate your data with your mouse. You can also adjust the rendering style of your 3D plot by choose line, point, line Point, Hidden Line, Surface, Surface Line, Surface Normal, Contour Line, Surface Contour. All equations you enter are stored into the log for easy retrieval.

Scientific Calculator / Unit converter / Physical Constants
Enter math expressions like 23*34+34^2. You can enter thousands of your own constants for easy retrieval and name them what ever you want. Also included are engineering and physics constants for you convenience. The function selector includes a pop up screen which lets you select between trig, hyperbolic, logarithmic, & exponential functions. The unit conversion window allows you to perform conversions involving Angles, time, length, mass, temperature, frequency, force, pressure, energy, power, luminance, exposure-dosage. This feature allows you to use windows copy and paste to convert your data and bring it back into the calculator window for further data processing.

Statistical Numerical Analyzer
Import data from text files to perform statistical analysis which includes a histogram distribution, and confidence interval calculations. Also carry out polynomial fits and other curve fitting / regression activities. Calculate the frequency spectrum or Fourier transform of your data (if you have a microphone you can actually analyze your voice). The transform lets you use various windows like hamming, Blackman, and Blackman-Harris.

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