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Date: January 26, 2002

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Prime or not ! Description

Prime or not ! Free Download.

Prime Or Not ! is a complete cellection of tools for primality testing/factorization.

Using PON! you can test the primality of numbers up to E200.

PON! also performs tests on Mersenne's numbers up to the 99 999th; A Mersenne number has the form (2^p)-1 ; which makes of the 99 999th a number with 35 000 digits!

You can also generate a certificate for every Mersenne number you test in order to prove its primality.

You will find all the primes ranging inside an interval you designed using its powerful tool: Prime Search Engine.

PON includes a Prime Generator, thus you reach the next prime ahead any entry.

With its handy interface, all you have to do is to type up the number and click on the button to perform the tests above, factorize, find the prime factors, verify the Goldbach conjecture and much more...

Maybe you handle large integers and you perform operations on them, so PON includes Super Calculator; a wonderful tool that handles integers up to 200 digits on addition, substraction, multiplying and finding the Greatest Common Factor.

Using the Convertor, you will master the following conversions:

integerMersenne form

integerFermat form

Mersenne formFermat form

...and much more tools...

-All minor updates for free;

-Free technical support by e-mail; - All minor updates for free.

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