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Date: June 07, 2005

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Author: Dumitru Ciubatii

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Graph Magics Description

Graph Magics Free Download.

Graph Magics - an ultimate tool for Graph Theory. Containing a numerous collection of functions, utilities and algorithms, it offers you the possibility of easy, fast and efficient construction, modification and analysis of graphs.

Some of its major features are:
1. Easy construction and nice representation of graphs.
2. More than 15 different algorithms that one can apply to graphs (ex. Shortest Path, Maximum Flow, Minimum Cut, Maximum Clique, Maximal Subset of Independent Vertices, Eulerian Path/Circuit, Hamiltonian Path/Circuit, Chinese Postman Problem, Graph Center, Graph Median etc.).
3. 4 different graph layouts (and 5 different vertices shapes).
4. A powerful graph generator tool.
5. Many other useful things like: graph importation and exportation, matrix representation of graphs, zoom, undo/redo, copy/paste etc.

Graph Magics can be used in practice (economics, social sciences, urban operations and others); for studying, analyzing and solving problems on graphs; for teaching graph theory; for constructing and designing graphs; and for many other things.

Graph Magics keywords: graph, magics, theory, network, maximum, flow, minimum, cut, euler, hamilton, chinese, postman, spanning, tree, clique, generator, algorithm, mathematics, clique, shortest

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