Archimedes Grapher Professional Free Download

Version: 2.2   (version history)
Date: January 30, 2005

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OS: Win 2000/XP
Rating: Not rated
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Author: NewXor Software,Inc

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Archimedes Grapher Professional Description

Archimedes Grapher Professional Free Download.

Archimedes Grapher is a kind of powerful and convenient tool software which supports functional graph plotting, numerical calculation, unit conversion, and slide show. It can plot all kinds of graphs (functional graphs, table graphs, polar equation, parameter equation, inequation and etc.), implement all kinds of calculations (multivariable scientific calculation, generating numerical table, finding point of intersection, tangent/normal and derivative), provides a tool for unit conversion (supports the conversion of more than 200 units in 12 classes), and made functional graphs into slides for the purpose of teaching demonstration.

*Suitable for Win2000/XP/2003
*Supports multiple-document system and can open documents as many as needed at one time
*Supports plotting functional graphs as many as needed on the same coordinate axis (one document)
*Supports the following graph types: -Y(x) and X(y) -Table graph -R(a) ¨C on polar coordinates -X(t) and Y(t) ¨C parameter equation -F(x,y)=0 - equation -f(x,y)0 - inequation
*Can specify the graph plotting style, such as line width, color and style *Can customize the domain, plotting accuracy and etc. for functions
*Can conveniently import/export table data, and also plot table functional graph with smooth curves
*Can customize coordinate axis¡¯s many properties, including Plot property, Axes property, Legend property, Grid property and etc..
*Can conveniently control the display of coordinate axis, including move, zoom in, zoom out, and choose display area for coordinate axis freely
*Can put self-defined label on the coordinate axis
*Provides calculator function
*Supports command window and user can input commands to implement system functions
*Supports unit conversion for more than 200 units
*Calculation functions
*Slide show functions
*Can copy the graph to clipboard for the use in MS Word and etc., or export the graph as Bmp or Emf graphic file

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