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Date: August 22, 2009

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Author: RAD Software

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MathTrac Description

MathTrac Free Download.

MathTrac - Math Testing and Performance Tracking!

If you have school age children learning their basic math tables, or if you are a teacher, you will love MathTrac!

MathTrac does three things extremely well-

* First, you can quickly and easily setup and administer basic math table tests for your children.* Second, you can save the results of these tests in your child's performance history.* Finally, and most importantly, MathTrac provides performance lists and graphs that quickly and clearly show you how well your child is mastering his / her math tables!

This 'feedback' function lets you easily determine in what areas of math your children are doing well, and in what areas they need more practice.

As a parent and / or teacher, you will quicly discover that MathTrac will have a huge positive impact on your children's basic math skills!

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