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Version: 5.03   (version history)
Date: April 10, 2009


OS: Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista
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Author: Moshe Cohen

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SimWiz Description

SimWiz Free Download.

SimWiz (Simulation Wizard) is a computer program for defining, validating, communicating running and analyzing discrete event simulation models.

Simulations are useful in industrial engineering, service system planning, traffic control and communication engineering.

The aim of simulation is to reveal flaws or allow experimentation in the design of the system which can be tested on paper before investing in the creation of an actual system, saving effort and cost.

It is not just another simulation program or modeling language. Rather it is a totally new approach to help the user in various steps of a simulation project (US patent pending).

The novel features:
*The user does not have to be familiar with simulation modules to build a fairly complex model. If the user knows the system under consideration, he/she can respond easily to a series of input requests from the software. The model is built as a result of the responses. There are also shortcuts for the experienced user.
*The model is stated in a human-readable format that can be understood by non-specialists. So all the experts of the system can review it and contribute to its validity.
*The model can be communicated easily and the recipient does not need any specialized software to read it. It can also be displayed as a web-page, describing the model that is very useful in tutoring sessions explaining the model.
*Variance reduction techniques aiming to increase the accuracy of results are performed with a single click instead of tedious and error-prone manipulations of random streams in appropriate places in the model.
*The model can be encoded so that it is very hard to recover from it any trade secret and can be therefore more safely communicated via unsecured channels.
*Animation that concentrates on validity rather than frills and simplified tracing provide easy way to model validation.

The model can be run in the inbuilt simulator or can be translated to an Arena model.

SimWiz keywords: discrete, event, system, simulation, interface, documentation, generator, simulator

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