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Date: March 25, 2010


OS: Windows
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Author: CKCI

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Fractice Description

Fractice Free Download.

Fractice is a free, open-source fractal explorer / renderer for XP / Vista / Win7.

Its basic features include navigation, previews, history thumbnails, antialiasing, bitmap export, printing, palettes, and undo / redo. More advanced features include deep zoom, movie recording, posters, color cycling, batch rendering, and job control.

The fractals currently supported are the Mandelbrot and Mandelbar sets, including cubic and higher-exponent variants, and the Newton.

Fractice is multithreaded and utilizes all cores on a multicore machine.

Fractice also supports distributed processing, using any number of additional machines as rendering servers.

Distributed processing is supported for exploring, as well as for movie and poster rendering. A 64-bit version is available from the home page.

Fractice also has VJ-oriented features, such as mixing between two fractals, mirroring with origin motion, palette tweening, DirectX full-screen Exclusive mode, dual-monitor support, and MIDI control of all parameters.

Fractice keywords: fractal, fractal explorer, fractal renderer, fractal poster, fractal movie, deep zoom, distributed processing

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