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Date: November 03, 2009

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Random Number Pro Description

Random Number Pro Free Download.

Random Number Pro 8.5 $199.90 857KB " Random Number Pro " is a practical math tool to generate random numbers according to different distributions. Only three steps you need do.

Its price is $199.90. Download and try it.

Including Distributions: Beta distribution, Bernoulli distribution, Bernoulli-Gauss distribution, Binomial distribution, Cauchy distribution, Chi-square distribution, Continuous Uniform distribution,

Discrete Uniform distribution, Erlang distribution, Exponential distribution, F distribution, Gamma distribution, Gauss Normal distribution, Geometric distribution, Laplace distribution, Log Normal distribution,

Logistic distribution, Poisson distribution, Rayleigh distribution, Standard Normal distribution, Student's T distribution, Triangle distribution, Negative Binomial distribution, Noncentral Chi-square distribution,

Noncentral F distribution, Noncentral T distribution, Weibull distribution.

Random Number Pro keywords: random number generator, random number, distributions, beta distribution, weibull distribution

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