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Date: November 13, 1999

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VAR Grade 2000 Description

VAR Grade 2000 Free Download.

VAR Grade 2000 is a powerful program that lets you record, analyze, and print grades and attendance, and do seating charts.

VAR Grade offers an essentially unlimited capacity for students (65,000), grades (10,000), attendance days (240), and seating charts (5). It also records database items for students (address, phone, comments, etc.). You can place students into sections.

You can use number and/or letter scores to determine grades. You can weight, sum, average, discard, or require tasks, and have extra credit tasks.

The data can be analyzed numerous ways. You can use attendance to help determine grades; calculate 'what ifs' for a student (what do they need to obtain each possible grade); calculate statistics on any task (t-scores, z-scores, and percentiles); correlate any two tasks; plot any task, either by student or by class; plot trends in scores for a student; and more.

You can also produce almost any type of printed output that you want. You can sort students by name, ID, section, task scores, or database items. Print data by individual student and by groups of students. You can even design your own report forms.

VAR Grade can export and import data from other programs.

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