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Date: November 22, 2001

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Tele Hypnosis Pro Description

Tele Hypnosis Pro Free Download.

An advanced radionic program which you can control the mind of others. With Tele Hypnosis Pro you can oblige the people to make the things you wish. You can make someone loves you passionately. You can get the best of your children and make them study more and control their behaviour. You can influence your boss to choose you for a promotion. Also, using your own photo, you may use the program for auto hypnosis purposes. These and too many more things you will be able to do using Tele Hypnosis.

And the best of all, the computer will make the influence while you are making another things like working, going to a party, etc.

Sumary of the many things you will be able to do with Tele Hypnosis easily:
- Make a girl/boy love you passionately.
- Recover a broken friendship.
- Get the best out of your children, increase their memory and study capabilities, and make them study harder.
- Change the bad and dark sides of your children's or someone's personality.
- Influence your boss to get an raise of you monthly salary or a promotion within the business.
- Make someone do something.
- Make someone stop molesting you.
- Maintain peace within the family or a job when problems come.
- Influence a job interviewer to hire you over the rest of candidates.
-Avoid your children consume drugs.
- Any situation where you need to influence someone....
- Use it over your own photography for auto hypnosis purposes.

EXAMPLES OF AUTO HYPNOSIS USES OF TELE HYPNOSIS PRO (Tele Hypnosis Pro has specialized tools for self hypnosis purposes).

-Stop smoking.
-Lose weight.
-Enhance your sexual life.
-Modify the wrong parts of your character.
-Enhance your memory and intelligence.
-Remove bad habits.
-Enhace your attractiveness.
-Relax your mind.
-Enhance your concentration.
-Enhance clairvoyance skills and magick cappabilities.
-Enhance self confidence.
-And many many more uses...

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