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Version: 1.12   (version history)
Date: February 12, 2002

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OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Rating: Not rated
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Author: Another Vision

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Brain Builder Description

Brain Builder Free Download.

Brain Builder - Have fun extending your mental powers to solve your problems!
Helps you overcome writer's block, solve math problems, increase your
intelligence and wisdom, make money, create new ideas, become a better
conversationalist, even helps with your homework. You'll find everything in this
program is easy to use and enjoyable. Requires Windows, 8mb hard disk space,
32mb RAM.
The most often-used module in Brain Builder is Block Buster. Using words
and pictures, this helps you come up with new ideas, overcome blocks, and break
away from old ways of thinking. It can help you take your focus off your
situation and put it where it belongs - on the solution.
Brain Builder's math module gives you a total of over 600 conversi
so that you can be sure most visitors to your web site will be quite impressed
with the little something extras that you provide using Simple Vision. Use
standard JPG, GIF or BMP images. Picture puzzles can be from 4 to
2000 pieces. Multiple-choice (or true/false) tests can have an unlimited number
of questions, can have accompanying illustrations, and can provide illustrated
feedback when the students answer incorrectly as well as positive feedback for
correct responses. Pop-ups can be pictures or text. Slideshows can have an
unlimited number of pictures, and can be set to change automatically after a
chosen number of seconds, or can be provided with buttons to click for previous
and next slides. Slideshows use a variety of special-effect transitions. Simple
Vision builds your presentations off-line, and then offers automated upload.
All you need to know is your web site address and password. (AOL users only need to enter their email address, and everything is fully automated.) You can generate your first real web page within two or three minutes. If you are a professional web site designer, you'll find this program a very quick and easy way to provide a whole suite of attractive new services to your clients.

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