Mythologie Grecque

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Date: June 02, 2003
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Publisher's Description

This superb French ebook will let you explore the imaginary and intricated world of Ancient Greece: mythology. Based on the texts of Homer, you will meet the heroes, gods and goddesses of the Greek Mythology. Easy to navigate thanks to the menu, hyperlinks, search engine, index, etc. Fully illustrated. A perfect tool to understand Greek Mythology.

The ebook starts with a short explanation of the enigma of Homer for his very existence is contested by many scholars and even if he existed, was he really the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey? The text links to summaries of both classical texts and within these summaries, you can read, by clicking on the divisions of the texts, an original French translation that was done by Leconte de Lisle (1818-1894).

Then you embark on a journey through the Pantheon of the Greek Mythology and the heroes of the Iliad and the Odyssey. Meet the gods and goddesses, learn their relationships with the humans and the dire consequences that sometimes, ensued. At the end of the ebook, you have 3 quiz to test your knowledge of the Greek Mythology.

If you succeed all three, you will get your diploma. You can purchase an activation key inside the ebook. ACTIVATION KEY WORKS FOR ONE COMPUTER ONLY.

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