Tips and Tricks (for Windows 98) Free Download

Version: 2.1   (version history)
Date: August 01, 2002

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OS: Win 98
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Author: Secrett Systems

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Tips and Tricks (for Windows 98) Description

Tips and Tricks (for Windows 98) Free Download.

Tips and Tricks (for Windows 98) was developed by Secrett Systems to assist those home users who are unfamiliar with Windows 98 or are apprehensive about making changes to their computer "in case they break it". Tips and Tricks (for Windows 98) guides you through 24 of the changes you might want to make to the configuration of your computer without any risk of you making changes that could be harmful to your system.

We do this by presenting you with real-live screen shots and dialog boxes that guide you through the steps you would have to take to (e.g.) install a printer. You perform the actual steps you would have to take to complete the task you have chosen without making any changes to your computer's configuration. Once your are comfortable with the steps you have to take, you can then do it for real.

Tips and Tricks (for Windows 98) tutorials have an intuitive interface; you move through the lessons at your own speed; you can repeat them at any time and you can skip past steps with which you are already familiar.

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