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Date: April 26, 2010

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EYCSAMsoft Description

EYCSAMsoft Free Download.

Interactive math program and software for preschool, kindergarden and 1st Grade.

The Powerful Features Of The Program Include:The Use Of Color color is potentially underused as an aid to memory recall and classification.

Kinesthetic Learners Research has proved that exercising the digits stimulates the brain. As your child creates with the rods he / she will actually be stimulating areas of the brain!

Links With Language Development The program assists your child's language development.

Incidental Learning Much information is unconsciously acquired as we listen to T.V. advertisements etc.

As children play with the rods / software they are unconsciously absorbing mathematical concepts and enjoying the experience immensely.

Tailored For Your Unique Child Play, games and open ended challenges form the path along which your child / pupils will travel at his / her own pace.

Animated Support The programme is supported by over 50 flash animations demonstrating a particular developmental unit.

Interactive Math Manipulative Software You will never tire of using this software based on the most complete math model ever devised.

Learn How To Learn - EYCSAM is far more than an an excellent math program.

Because it is based on the latest research into how the the brain learn bests it actually teaches thinking skills and helps your child learn how to learn.

Homeschooling - EYCSAM is the perfect homeschool math program for parents who want to be 'hands-on' involved in their child's learning.

EYCSAM teaches universal math concepts in a way that is totally child-centered.

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