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Date: January 26, 2002

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BioInfo PRO: Daily Biorhythms Description

BioInfo PRO: Daily Biorhythms Free Download.

BioInfo PRO is your personal biorhythms assistant bringing you daily biorhythms and stats. Whether you are wondering if it is a good day to take a decision, tell your partner something important or try to pass your school test, ask BioInfo first!

Check the basic human cycles (physical, emotional and intellectual) every morning and you'll know what you can expect for the day, trust biorhythms!

You just need to tell BioInfo PRO your birth date and it will show you stats for every single day of your life, the best and the worst day of the month, your next perfect, good or bad day.

Plus your personal biorhythms graph can be saved as an image in your HDD or print toghether with the current stats.

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