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Date: January 26, 2002

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Chemory Description

Chemory Free Download.

Chemory is a memory game for everybody interested in chemistry, both for students and professionals. The aim of the puzzle is to open and match all of the corresponding pairs of cards.

There are two playing modes: matching of a structure with its name, or matching two structures (i.e. the same compound in different representations). The actual mode depends on the selected template.

As the program is intended not only for entertaining but as a teaching aid as well, beyond the normal play mode, a special reveal (tutorial) mode is available, when the program shows the matching pairs of the cards.

Some templates are easy, some not at all. Sometimes two different names for the same compound are used, sometimes the structures are rotated or mirrored randomly. Therefore your knowledge of chemistry is very thoroughly tested.

Included template pages (cards):

Heterocyclics (basic or advanced): a great number of heterocyclic rings, sometimes in substituted forms.
Functional groups: many functional groups, sometimes in general form, sometimes as a definite compound.
Carbohydrates (basic, advanced or nightmare): D- and L-carbohydrates, ketoses and aldoses in different projections.
Amino acids (basic): the most important natural amino acids.
Stereochemistry: R/S, E/Z, cis/trans etc. forms of different compounds; conformation and configuration.
And many more...

With the registrated version you can also create templates (cards) with ISIS/Draw or from an MXYZ multiple molecule file (intructions included).

Visit the Chemory homepage for detailed information!

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