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Date: January 26, 2002

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TYPE TV SHOW Personal Edition Description

TYPE TV SHOW Personal Edition Free Download.

The Type TV™ Show is a visual introduction to Carl Jung's Psychological Types and the 16 Types of the MBTI® instrument (also known as 16 Personality Types). This interactive show will help you to visually decode the 16 Psychological Types and discover your own Type. It is about understanding yourself and others better, getting what you want from your life, flowing with your natural strengths, and making friends with your other side. As you get to know your whole personality, you can gradually reunite the two sides.
Understanding typology can help you to become a better parent and communicate more effectively. Also, you will see why you are naturally attracted to certain Types. See your favorite ways of perceiving and deciding. Identify your general survival strategy: expending or defending. Do you like to proceed experientially from whole to parts, or step-by-step from parts to whole? Do you favor your five senses or your sixth sense? Do you prefer feeling or thinking?

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